Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Monthly Review - January 2016

17th post on monthly review and the 1st in the year 2016. As you can see, I'd placed a snapshot of my portfolio summary and if you are interested in viewing the previous months or years figures, you can click on this link.

This month ended almost 10% negatively in my portfolio as with the great drop in all the major stock markets.  It had been the worst performance I had seen with my holding. Nevertheless, I made 2 purchases to add to my current holding.

Stock Trades

Purchased Singtel@3.60 & FCOT@1.20.

Options Trades

Many trades were done in Dec/Jan - with strategies of VIOS, Bear Call Spread, Bull Put Spread. Here is the summary of the existing open position of options:-

  • sell-to-open SDRL JAN17 13 PUT
  • sell-to-open SDRL JAN17 10 PUT
  • Buy-to-open SDRL JAN17 5 CALL
  • sell-to-open LGCY Jun16 2.5 PUT
  • sell-to-open AAPL Feb16 94/95 Bull Put Spread

This month, I should have received dividends from 4 holdings. They were G3B, Z74, CSCO & T. The total amount collected should be $113.61. It is slightly lesser than the same month last year. But I cannot confirmed the amount now as 2 holdings, are held under a custodian account which they had not given me any statement here.

The forwards dividend now:-
ADI = S$3698.41. My goal for ADI is S$5000 for this year. There was an increased as compared to previous month due to the currency exchange rate & additional purchased. I will continue to add new or increase current holdings when the opportunity arises.
DDI = S$10.13. It had broke the $10 ceiling! I hope this value will be maintained above in the year of the monkey.

I posted what is ADI/DDI here and I had updated the income in the Dividend Income & Options Income.