Friday, 5 June 2015

Monthly Review - May 2015

9th post on monthly review and the 4th in year 2015. As you can see, I'd placed a snapshot of my portfolio summary and if you are interested to view the previous months or years figures, you can click on this link.

Stock Trades

No buy or sell transaction was made even though I had queued to buy.

Options Trades

There were few trades done in May. Here are the summary of the trades and outstanding options:-

  • sell-to-open SDRL JUL15 13 PUT @4.48 - existing trade
  • sell-to-open LGCY JUN15 12.50 PUT @3.03 - existing trade
  • closing of the credit spread of AAPL MAY15 124/125 PUT @0.033
  • opening of the credit spread of COH JUN15 37/38 PUT @0.50

This month, I received dividends from 8 holdings. They were Mapletree GCC, SoilbuildREIT, Super Group, Neratel, T, AAPL, PG & AFL. The total amount collected was $238.52. This value gives me y-o-y of ~90% increase of dividend income.

The forwards dividend now:-
ADI = S$2478.75. My goal for ADI is S$5000 for this year. There was a slight increased as compared to previous month due to the currency exchange rate. I will continue to add new or increase current holdings when opportunity arises.
DDI = S$6.79

I posted what is ADI/DDI here and I had updated the Feb income in the Dividend Income & Options Income.


  1. Thanks for sharing your recent month stats. Lots of options work I see. I still am looking to try and write puts or maybe covered calls but have yet to try them. Seems like a lot of dividend bloggers are using options to juice their returns. Keep it up.

    1. Hi DivHut,

      Appreciate your dropping by and comment. Options trading make it more interesting for me as I like to be active during the trading