Saturday, 4 October 2014

Monthly Review - September 2014

My 2nd post on my monthly review.

Stock Trades

Options Trade

Sep expiration of EBIX.
Buy-to-close EBIX for Sep expiration
Sell-to-open EBIX for Oct expiration.


This month, I received dividends from a few holdings - SK7, SV3U, O5RU, S10, SDRL, COH & EBIX. The total amount collected was $225.68.

With the purchased of O39 & AFL, the forwards dividend of:-
ADI = S$2308.02 or US$1817.33. My goal for ADI is S$2000 for this year. I had reach one of the goal for this year. But will continue to add new or current holding when opportunity arrive.
DDI = S$6.32 or US$4.98

I posted what is ADI/DDI here and I had updated the Sep income in the Dividend Income page.


  1. I like your daily dividend income metric. Certainly a unique spin on other measuring sticks for dividend growth investors. Quite the bit of capital invested in the last month. Keep it up and I look forward to following along!

    1. Yes W2R,

      I had used my CPF account to purchase OCBC. CPF stand for Central Provident Fund mainly for retirement, and it is somewhat similar to US IRA. If you are interested to know more, just google it. Thanks for dropping by and I'll soon update my 2nd second holding in the CPF account.

  2. Not bad! You're putting up some impressive numbers, and making great progress month-to-month. Keep it up, and looking forward to future updates!

    1. Hi DD,

      Thanks for dropping by and encouragement. Wishes all the best too.